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FPV-First Person View Receiver

This is the perfect First Person View (FPV) receiver for Android Smartphone users who also love to fly drones!

Pair this OTG 5.8 Ghhz FPV receiver with one of our VR KIX headsets and your split screen drone app and experience flying your drone in a new way. 

Download this free app: FPV VIEWER (for Android phones) You can receive video from our FPV receiver to the FPV VIEWER app in full screen or split screen format. There is a record feature to save an play back your drone flying experiences. 

This receiver can also be used to find open channels when you are group flying so you do not interfere with other pilots.


Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm                                                                                                 Antenna Gain: 5 db                                                                                                                 Channels: 32                                                                                                                           Weight: about 30g                                                                                                                   Supports: Windows 7, Windows 10, Android Smartphones                                                   DOES NOT SUPPORT: iPhone or iPad

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