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VR KiX Launches the VRBuilder!

July 27, 2016

VR KiX Launches the VRBuilder!

The VRBuilder has arrived! 

What is the VRBuilder?  It is a build it yourself VR Headset.  The completed project will be our VR KiX headset.

Building the VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset yourself allows you three things, never before seen in virtual reality headsets.

#1: The Ability to Customize the Look

While the headset is in pieces, the builder has an opportunity to use many techniques to make it unique.   Here at VR KiX, we used several fun techniques to create some seriously cool looking VR KiX Headsets.  The coolest by far was water dipping, which cannot be done on a fully assembled unit.   We tried 2 methods.  One was a kit with a design and chemical activators – but it really came out awesome.  We also used nail polish to create a marbled look.  Click here to see all our enhancing ideas and photos of our finished projects.

#2: The Ability to Learn About the Construction of the VR KiX

Since the headset is unassembled, you can see all the parts it takes to make a complete headset.  There are quite a few!  As you put it together, you can see and learn about how the parts all fit together and work to make the headset a comfortable and high quality unit.

#3: The Ability to Make Something and be Proud of the Results

Everyone likes to feel accomplished, that they have made something, that they have done something.  This gives you that opportunity.  When your friends think your VR KiX is the coolest, you can say, “I made it myself”.  And doesn’t that feel great?  We sure think so!

What is in the Kit?

The VRBuilder comes with everything you need to put it together, including a magnetic screwdriver, perfect for those little screws.  It also includes “Virtual Reality: A Beginners Guide”, an informational booklet that contains definitions of basic VR terms as well as information on how you can get more involved in virtual reality.  Also in the kit is the standard VR KiX goodies: lens cleaning cloth, web links for apps or help, and the storage bag.

The VRBuilder debuted in beta back in May at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California.  It was a great success.  We sold out!  Since it was a beta kit, we relied heavily on user feedback to improve the kit for consumer use.  We improved the instructions and most importantly changed the screwdriver to magnetic. 

At VR KiX we strongly believe in the ability to customize your products and we’d love to see your creations.  Share your custom VRBuilder with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #KiXCustom.

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