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The VR Virgin’s Virtual Reality Game Review

January 21, 2016

The VR Virgin’s Virtual Reality Game Review

Subway surfing VR

Developed by: Daisy Daisy Digital

I tried out this game with my VR KiX headset this week. I found it through the WEARVR app I had installed on my iPhone. I chose it because no controller is needed.

Subway Surfing VR is a simple game, it is non-violent, and can be played in both VR mode and regular mobile mode. The object of the game is to keep the surfer upright as you navigate the subway tunnels of New York City to stay ahead of the hurricane floodwaters that are filling the subway tunnel lines. The app uses your smartphone’s accelerometer to track balance. Stand up and move your body as your character rides the waves. The further you can go without falling, the higher you score. It is harder than it looks!

You can compete with others or try to best your own score. The catchy little tune kept me in rhythm and seeing the high scores of other players brought out my competitiveness. I kept restarting the game, trying over and over as I fell, to bring my score up to “respectable”.  I’m not there yet!

It is a little tricky to get the game going on my iPhone without a touch button on the headset but not impossible. I found it easier to start the game and then play it without the fuss of sliding the head straps on. This saved time because once you tap the play button your surfer has started. I was usually fast enough to bring the headset to my face without dropping my surfer into the water. Holding it to my face seemed to give me more balance as well as faster access to the phone to restart the app, which I had to do frequently because my surfer kept falling off his board! (not my fault!)

If you have an android phone, most wireless game controllers can act as your touch button and you will find this a little easier to play.

I liked the game enough to work around the lack of touch control with my iPhone.

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