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Want to Watch Movies or Play Your PC Games on a Mobile VR Headset?

December 10, 2015

Want to Watch Movies or Play Your PC Games on a Mobile VR Headset?

Unless you have a Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus Rift headset, you may be finding the you cannot watch movies from providers such as Netflix or play your favorite PC games on your recently purchased smartphone VR headset.

Odd Sheep has come to the rescue with the Trinus app, (it is still in beta), that enables you to mirror what you are running on your PC to your smartphone in stereoscopic view making that content compatible with your Google Cardboard compatible viewers. For now, it is only available for Android phones and your PC must have a way to communicate with your smart phone…either USB cable or Wi-Fi. Trinus works best when your PC is directly connected to the internet instead of running off Wi-Fi. Trinus will work with your PC connected to the internet through Wi-Fi but when watching a movie there may be a little time lag between moving mouths and the audio.

There are two versions, the Trinus Lite is free but you are limited to 15 minutes per session. The full version is $6.49 They advise users to try the free version first to make sure you can install and use it on your system before spending money on the full version.

Start by getting the program from their website for your PC and you will be guided along the way with suggestions, steps and maybe some trial and error. Getting the correct aspect ratio to be mirrored to your phone at the correct size may take more than one try.

Before you get going with Trinus, check their website and app store some reviews are very helpful and if you have a question, they will respond with an answer.

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