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I’m a VR Virgin…Looking for an Adventure...by Lisa Elichaa

December 08, 2015

I’m a VR Virgin…Looking for an Adventure...by Lisa Elichaa

Looking for somewhere virtual to explore?


Try this app I got from the Apple app store…invr

This app is for creating and sharing VR experiences. You can explore what has already been created by other developers or with any 3D software and their cloud based platform, create and share for others to explore.

So, if you just want to explore, like I did, put on a VR headset and get going. There are many “worlds” to check out. They each work the same way…select the VR experience that appeals to you. Tap on the download button and once launched, place your phone in your vr viewer.

Look down to see the walk button and focus your eyes on it. Once it has changed color, look up and train your blue dot in the direction you would like to walk. You will now be moving around in this 3D world. Be careful not to walk into the walls or trip over stones! You can look down and Stop any time, take a 360 degree bearings check and Walk again. Tired and need a rest? Focus on the exit circle to stop the app.

Some of the experience there are better than others but if you like getting lost in a maze and trying to find your way around, you will have fun.

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