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A Sense of Wonder

November 24, 2015

A Sense of Wonder

By Kristine Lancaster, 11/24/2015

When using this VR Set, I really started thinking about how far VR has come. 

 Back when I was a child, VR was more a thought. A dream. Something that the future promised. That future is here.  

 I was watching my son as he took it out of the box, his eyes wild in wonder and so excited to try this out. He had heard so much about VR that he was almost crying when I told him we were going to get one. I went into explaining that we had the Viewfinder when I was a kid. He said mom, that doesn't even compare to this. And he had a point, these kids these days are used to awesome graphics and never have watched a black and white TV. They have no clue things of the past. They are children of technology. This is sad in one aspect, but exciting in another. They get to be that face of the future and they are not scared to see what else they can do, and make things easier and invent more and more based off of creativity and imagination that we would not usually be able to drum up as we were more workers than dreamers. It takes workers AND dreamers to foster inventions.  

 Enough about our past and more about the future that we are experiencing. Back to the VR set at hand now. We are really excited about the games that are out there and the possibilities to play this. To try it out, he unboxed it and inspected it. It has a good plastic shell that completely blocks out light at the back side. It has an eye hole that you place your face front into and it has comfortable cut outs with the eyes and nose to fit perfectly. Even different sizes. You place your phone (with a VR app installed and running) into the end of the device (there is a flap that drops down in the back to allow you to pop your phone into and then it secures it by pulling it back up. It has a head stabilizing strap. 


So we booted up a VR app and now we are off. First one we tried we took a safari. it was pretty cool that I was looking in a direction and the car that I was in was following that safari. It made it very interactive. I got up and started turning and I was seeing so much more. I looked up and down and the scenery changes based on your movements. This technology is freaky and almost scary. So we moved on to the next game. He tried a roller coaster experience, and I have to be honest I was 2 minutes in and felt kind of queasy so I took it off. But I was sitting in my living room and got the feeling of the roller coaster. There are some people like handicapped or older people who have never and may never get the opportunity to EVER ride a roller coaster. This can give them that option. If a child who loves roller coasters is too small or frail to ride one they can do this and still get to feel like they got to participate in some small way. So very cool. Next he loaded up a historical monument walk through style game. He was able to walk through and explore historical places in foreign cities and countries that we will most likely never be able to go to.  


It brings the world to you. Your mind knows that you are not really there, but you get engrossed in the real feeling of exploration and if you watch the kids with it, they crouch and duck and dodge. They are up moving and they are having a blast. My son and daughter were on the phone calling their friends that they had a VR set that they were getting to use.   

Its been a hit and we are thankful to have gotten to purchase it.

 My experience is 100% my use of the product and I have described only my personal opinion and usage of it. I will not ever let a seller or price influence my review as it is purely of my expectation versus actual use of the product. The price is not a factor of my opinion, although I may say if full price is worth the value, I do not factor that into my rating.


***Disclaimer:*** Therefore, I did receive this item as a reviewer complimentary to me in exchange for an honest review and unbiased opinion of the product.


Kristine Lancaster


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