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VRKiX has launched on The Grommet!

November 23, 2015

VRKiX has launched on The Grommet!



Never heard of The Grommet? The Grommet launches undiscovered products and helps make them succeed. Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 2,000 consumer products on 16 consumer categories. Only 3% of all products considered by The grommet are selected. Their products are called Grommets and are products with a purpose.

Never heard of VR KiX??? Well it must be one of the best smartphone compatible VR headsets in this growing VR market if The Grommet is launching it!

You watch the launch video here:

What is VR KiX purpose? VR KiX is an affordable, well made viewer that gives consumers a better introduction to VR than a viewer made from cardboard. Having a better experience ensures that consumers will embrace the technology and help it grow.

How is VR KiX better than most? Just three words…. Affordability, Quality and Availability

  • Priced under $50.00, VR KiX is affordable and because it works with most smartphones and 64% of Americans already have smartphones…well no need to upgrade your phone for a higher priced VR Viewer.
  • VR KiX’s design and features make it stand out, the soft face padding, adjustable lenses, spring loaded device tray and comfortable 3-point head straps make it comfortable, durable and high quality
  • VRKiX is available now! No waiting until 2016. You can download apps from your app store and start experiencing VR today.

Order Your today from The Grommet by clicking on this link:


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