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I'm a VR Virgin-What’s New!? Keeping up with the Latest and Greatest

September 09, 2015

I have been neglecting my search for VR news and content to share. I confess, somehow summer has vanished and I was attempting to make the most of the last few weeks…. I want a Virtual Reality where I can return to summer anytime during the long cold northeast winter….Coming soon??

I have found a few web sites that are devoted to Virtual Reality news, rumors and gossip. One of these should fit your style, needs and frequency of update tolerance.

Gizmodo   http://gizmodo.com/tag/virtual-reality

Road to VR  http://www.roadtovr.com/

Upload VR  http://uploadvr.com/

Virtual Reality Reviewer  http://www.virtualrealityreviewer.com/

From visiting these sites, there seems to be two big stories that should interest other VR Virgins like me. You will not be surprised by these two easily recognizable companies and it is easy to see how they fit into the emerging VR industry.

Discovery VR will offer numerous virtual reality videos featuring sharks, skateboarding, nature-based content and even the Myth Busters.  The 360° videos can be navigated by moving around your smartphone or by dragging the mouse cursor around the screen. You can also wear your VR Glasses and enjoy the 360-degree viewing in “large screen simulated” format ( I just made that up…it means the video looks big because it is close to your face) by just turning your head.

The videos can be watched on DiscoveryVR.com, the Discovery YouTube channel or through the official Android and iPhone apps. Discovery has vowed to upload new film every week. Now you have no excuse to get out there and scuba dive or take off on other adventures….and still be home in time for dinner!

GoPro is launching their $15,000 3D 360-degree 16 camera rig, “Odyssey”, in November. Odyssey is designed for Google’s new virtual reality platform, Jump.

Google will be hosting unique footage captured with this revolutionary camera on YouTube and can be viewed using cardboard compatible headwear devices. Go Pro and Google will be working together and selecting content partners to purchase the limited quantity VR camera rig.

This is a little out of my price range! And Google has no reason to partner with me anyway. So I think for next time I will see who is making something more affordable.

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