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I’m a VR Virgin...SO What Can I Do Now??

August 25, 2015

So I have investigated, purchased and tried many VR Headsets that are used with your cell phone.

(I happen to like VRKIX the best)

And soooo… now the question is, what can I do with my VRKix??

Well, I love Candy Crush and can’t wait for that to arrive in Virtual Reality! Since it is not available, what can I do with my wearable headgear? Where can I get content to watch, play, experience??

YouTube has a wide variety of content that you can view. I have provided some links to some of the top viewed videos and games below. If you click on them you can go directly to the video or you can click on the find more here link and …duh…pick you own!

3D Canyon Coaster

Ocean Predators 3D

3D F-18 Fighter

Katy Perry-Roar 3D Video

Wanderers: A short Film

Ocean World 3D

Find more Here


You can also download this app (listed below) from your app store for either iOS or Android devices. They already have quite a collection of content available in 360 degree video format for the VR Glasses. It is all arranged into categories to make it easy to find something you might be interested in viewing. Just pick a video and tap on the red VR icon located on the home screen and it will turn the video into split screen for 3D/VR viewing.


Another place to find content for Virtual Reality experiences is APPCRAWLER. Type Virtual reality into the search window, select the device you have… and click the GO button. You can scroll down the screen to see all offerings or refine you search for something more targeted to your interests. Once you find something you like, click on it and you will get more info about it including reviews, ratings and the download button which will take you directly to your app store.

Just a note in closing, your experience will all depend on the quality of the video, the quality of your phones screen and the quality of your head gear. As time moves on, quality of all will improve so do not be discouraged it the first video or game you pick is a little underwhelming.  Keep up the adventure and keep looking for more!

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