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VR Videos - Our Favorite Sources

March 25, 2016

VR Videos - Our Favorite Sources

Machu Picchu on Jaunt VR

If you think Virtual Reality is all about gaming, think again!  360 videos are a huge segment of the mobile market right now.  These videos allow users to see in 360-degrees as they watch.  What is to your left?  Turn to the left and check it out!

We have 5 sources for 360 videos listed on our website that are available in an app for iOS and Android.  All 5 are compatible with the VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset.  Each of these sources has a different selection of videos.  Your favorite source may be different from your friend’s because you are interested in different things.  

All these sources all you to watch these videos on your desktop computer or your phone without your headset – but it’s much more fun in Virtual Reality!

One important thing to keep in mind when you are watching VR videos is that the video quality is only as good as the camera used to capture it.  Some videos are high definition and some are not.  Some VR Videos are professionally made and some are not.  If you find a few that do not have a good picture quality, do not give up!


LittlstarYou can find 25 categories of videos and photos from Littlstar.  They are “a global network dedicated to immersive 360 video and photos.”   You can sort through the videos and photos in categories such as travel, fashion, and food.  They even have some videos from 2 of the other video sources we have listed!  Many of the videos posted here are high definition and are professionally made.


NYT VRNYT VR is the source for new stories from the New York Times.  This app provides videos with the kinds of stories that you’d expect from the New York Times.  There may not be a lot of videos here…yet, but they have good stories to accompany the video.

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VRJaunt VR touts themselves as “Cinematic  VR”.  They use their proprietary camera system that includes custom optics and high quality 360-degree capture.  They also developed their own software to produce the highest quality content.   They have several categories of videos, including travel, movies, sports and music.  I was watching a video about Machu Picchu.  They have included educational elements within the video, such as labels of what they were speaking about and overlays with more details. 


VrideoAnother good source with 20 categories is Vrideo.  They have comedy, cooking, travel, fitness…and many more.  This source is a community where users can upload their own content.  I was checking out one user’s living room and kitchen video, although not terribly exciting, it is great to see user created content.  It is very important to remember that some of these videos could be low quality because of the “community” nature. 

Discovery VR

Discovery VRThis source has what you might expect, educational videos.  There are videos from Mythbusters and Survivorman as well as wildlife, planet and adventure videos.  Go swimming with sharks or watch Les talk about the importance of water in survival situations.

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